Friday, March 31, 2017


18, with a head of steam
& a crooked smile

lead shoes & some stolen booze
let's go for a drive

Let's do some livin' tonight

Like telling lies & starting fights 
Don't piss me off

Means to an end, you're not my friend 
I will make you hurt

Who wants to play with fire!??

- Bridge -

18, a real wild thing 
with smokey eyes

She's got a boy, but he's just her toy
...just for tonight...

Who wants to taste desire!??

She knows a guy, who knows a guy
who can get us drugs

She'll bring a friend, who'll bring a friend
She's a real slut

Let's do some sinnin' tonight

18, not a single dream
just lives for the night

...with a tattoo that say's, "Fuck You,
It's my life"

Come on let's go get high!! 

Monday, February 27, 2017


For this months blog... I would like to take a moment to recognize those that came before me. Their inspiration has shaped not only the music that I make, but also the man I am today. Although, I'm only including 2 videos as of now... perhaps I will add more in the future... Here are the '5 Most Influential Musicians' in my life.

John Lennon. Although I have a ton of respect for each and every Beatle, John is my clear favorite. From the gritty soul in his voice, to the poignant words in his perfectly crafted pop songs, John lennon is everything I look for in a musician. My respect & admiration are only amplified by the man he was outside of music, making him, easily, one of my favorite musicians of all time!!

Next, on my list of influence, is the "Man in Black", Johnny Cash. His sound is definitive. Cash's songs are unmistakable and nobody tells a story better. I guess his influence was inevitable because for me, growing up, Johnny Cash's music was unavoidable. After all, you can't drive past Folsom Prison everyday on your way to school and not get the 'Folsom Prison Blues'... eventually.

Without a doubt, my biggest musical influence is my brother, Curtis. He taught me how to play the guitar and introduced me to The Violent Femmes, Pearl Jam, Jeff Buckley, Weezer, Radiohead, Elliot Smith... & countless others. Although I could never really repay the gift of music that he has given me, I try to give it back as often as I can. The song below, "Here in Montana" is my cover of a song written by my brother Curtis Paul & our friend Lee Shawver (another huge musical inspiration in my life).

Another one of my biggest musical influences is Bradley Nowell of Sublime. He was an incredible singer and songwriter, not to mention how much he shredded on the guitar as well. Sublime seamlessly blended a number of different musical styles, creating something totally original, and influencing countless musicians as a result. I am no exception to that influence and although Brad is gone, thankfully his music lives on...

Finally, a singer, songwriter, philosopher & prophet, Robert Nesta Marley. Arguably the most influential singer-songwriter of all time, Bob Marley has influenced my life immensely. As a singer, as a songwriter, as a 'futboler' and as a man Bob's words and philosophy's are something I carry with me every day.

Peace Love & Music


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Little One

Hey Little One, I love
you make everything alright
walkin' slow & talkin' fast
drive me outta my mind (2x)

I love the way you call me babe
Smile with those big blue eyes
Hold my hand ease my worried mind
Tell me it'll be alright (2x)

It's so easy to love you...

A full moon & a fifth of bean
She be dancing through the night
Like the rising Sun, when the morning comes
I'm blinded by the light (2x)

With her Mama's grace & her Daddy's charm
Yeah, they sure did raise her right
It was mid July when the stars aligned
And forever she changed my life (2x)

It's so easy to love you...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Monet's Madness

You’ve been paintin' Monet’s
Capturing the moment with romantic haze
it’s not quite clear
but always makes me feel like cryin

you've been callin' my name
singing follow your heart
they're one in the same
you gotta stop wishing...
it's time to start living your dreams

Summer fling
you’ve been catchin' my eye
kissing my cheek under the stars in the sky
i want your naughty finger lickin 
No damn commitment tonight

Wedding Ring
you’ve been runnin' from me
i thought it was you…
but, you knew that IT WASN’T ME
i want your lovin in the morning
your commitment to know one but me

Let it be
you’ve been testin' my will
serving up injustice
hard to swallow that pill
trying hard to remain calm
driving me insane, but i’m trying

you never finish what you start
there’s a light at the end
All i really want
…if i could have one wish, I'd...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vibrations on Earth

I've lost what I had
I have what I'd lost
& when the future arrives
I'll soon know the cost

...of Loving and Running
of Anger & Loss
Of course... I'm the victim
A martyr with no cross

I'm not sure what happened
But, I know the result
the life I was given
would soon be revoked

though I played by the rules
gave it all, did my best
In the end I fell short
couldn't quite pass the test

Since, I've changed all my goals
& dropped out of class
nothing more I could learn
at a desk trapped in glass

for Freedom is Knowledge
& experience, the key
I know nothing of you
I know nothing of me

Simply, endlessly searching
for Laughter & Love
Throughout each little moment
A gift from above

But, it's probably not God
No, not his, No, not hers
It's just positive thoughts
Vibrations on Earth

Monday, September 26, 2016


I find myself
Find myself caught
Love and a Selfish Queen
Fixed upon, “What’s in it for me?”

I find myself
Find myself lost
Lost Myself, Wandering
Lost in thought, Wondering

Will I ever find love again?...
Hope I never find her “love” again!!
Her pride, the lies, those nights
The truth is... you cheated, you lied!!

I Find myself
Find myself caught
The past & where I’m meant to be
Worried that we were meant to be...

I find myself
Find myself lost
Lost inside all our history
Asking, “Why?...” can’t solve the mystery ...why?...

She kissed that life good-bye
Checked out & ran for her life
The pride, the lies, those nights
The truth is... you cheated, you lied!!

So, I find myself
Find myself caught
...just a shell of what I used to be
Worried that’s all I’ll ever be...

I Find myself
Find myself lost
Living ...but, just barely...
Worried that’s all I’ll ever be...

She killed the love inside
Checked out & ran for her life
The pride, the lies, those nights
The truth is... you cheated, you lied!!