Sunday, May 1, 2016

Moody Bluesin'

Still air silence, little boy blue
I’m so lonely without you
Your brown curled brilliance, you steal my eyes
I’m so caught up in this disguise

Through lost thought wandering, I slip inside
Take this pilot on a carpet ride
Through head foot thinking, turned outside in
Look no further, I’ve seen the end...

Your moody bluesin’, has me worn thin
I swear you're trying to sink, not swim
This trains weight’s moving, don’t fall off track
Walk foot faced forward, & don’t look back

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom

Softer now sing me to sleep
A lullaby to help me dream
I pray to god my soul he'll keep
Watch over me now...

I walk the line I'm on the brink and
Darker thoughts my head does think
I see the path but can't find the light
Because it's hidden in the foreground

I ponder thoughts that make me think
To forget the past, red wine I drink
Spilling over time and love I sink
Falling further into you

What do I know at 25?
In this brief existence sheltered life
I've seen some things, I've failed, I've tried
Given everything & nothing

It's a long and winding road I see
Crawling over hills and through the trees
Beyond the fence and past the fields
To find a place worth finally resting

So, strip my clothes and take my things
cause all I need are just six strings
& My woman, I've got peace of mind
And precious, precious time

As crickets sing the day to bed
With sunset songs, sky fire red
A melodies dancing through my head
Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Long Strange Trip

Am I coming or going?
How long will this strange trip last?
rules continually changing
Tomorrows landscape will be the past

I see the masses, Hurry-Scurry
desperate to keep up
Others accepting bravely,
every beautiful, inevitable, disaster
of what is to be, wash up

To be clear, I implore you,
to fight and do not settle
for there is justice on the horizon
and landslides start with just a pebble

I say follow your life's River
to the ocean of unknown
your Stardust just a glimmer
of the greatness you have known

Me, I've danced naked in the moonlight
reveled the rise of morning suns
I've loved one and no other
& found out she's not the one

looked for truth within a bottle
left em empty, filled with pain
felt faith within a world
full of religion & disdain

I've been given this life
though, it's given more to me
From the beginning, to the end
Love, Friends & Family

So, know as time is passing
I left with laughter in my heart
a buzz within my belly
and a song within my art

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You're Free

Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You’re Free!
(feat. Mariel Andrew)

Got tired, felt restless… & ran for the door
Crying, “I just can’t be tied down”
Saw nothing but Blue Skies around

I reach for the stars, crash land in the clouds,
There’s nothing but blue skies around…
Don’t know if I’m up or I’m down…

But, I’m Free…

To the furthest corner’s of this big blue rock…
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You’re Free!
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You’re Free!

The world is your oyster, what God gave us choice for
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You’re Free!
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You’re Free!

You’re Free…

And Dream…
…Don’t forget to dream…