Sunday, July 3, 2016

At the Bottom of Another Well

Vision bloodshot blurry
Chasing mistakes in a hurry 
At the bottom of another well 
Head spinning like a carousel 

Feel like I got no time 
Try to write it down try to make it rhyme 
My hearts racing I can’t catch-up 
Looking for the answers in an empty cup 


Living a lie tonight 
Whether it’s wrong or right 
Sharing time & each-other’s lips 
Trigger at my fingertips 

Nights light, the music, dance 
Bodies moving sweaty hands 
Happy feet & happy hearts 
Inhibitions all but lost… 

In the alley with another man 
In the bathroom with another girl 
Trading hands & trading sex 
Forget the names & Fuck Regret 


Living our lies tonight 
Whether it’s wrong or right 
Sharing time & each-other’s lips 
Trigger at my fingertips 


One more… ONE MORE…
Gonna make it numb… 
till I can't feel no more 

No more… NO MORE…
Gonna make it numb… 
till I can't feel no more

Friday, June 3, 2016

My Lies

Amanda Georgia was barely 18
Tattoos & piercings, Part of the Scene
Plenty of money & nights on the run
Skinny seductress with a talented tongue

Access & Excess the world was her stage
But there was evil & darkness… the devils of fame
She held her sins, all dressed in white
Just one more… just one more… just one more…
One more… & she’ll feel all right

White lines… white lies…
...Do you buy My lies?

Been so long since I felt something
Self-medication, the doctor is in…
So when, into my life, you walked right in…
I looked over the falls & jumped right in

Blissful ignorance, we tried to impress
little did we know… we were both so eager to undress
You said you caught me, when I looked in your eyes
But, I swear you, I’m selling the realist disguise

My Lines… My Lies…
…Do you buy my lies?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Moody Bluesin'

Still air silence, little boy blue
I’m so lonely without you
Your brown curled brilliance, you steal my eyes
I’m so caught up in this disguise

Through lost thought wandering, I slip inside
Take this pilot on a carpet ride
Through head foot thinking, turned outside in
Look no further, I’ve seen the end...

Your moody bluesin’, has me worn thin
I swear you're trying to sink, not swim
This trains weight’s moving, don’t fall off track
Walk foot faced forward, & don’t look back

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom

Softer now sing me to sleep
A lullaby to help me dream
I pray to god my soul he'll keep
Watch over me now...

I walk the line I'm on the brink and
Darker thoughts my head does think
I see the path but can't find the light
Because it's hidden in the foreground

I ponder thoughts that make me think
To forget the past, red wine I drink
Spilling over time and love I sink
Falling further into you

What do I know at 25?
In this brief existence sheltered life
I've seen some things, I've failed, I've tried
Given everything & nothing

It's a long and winding road I see
Crawling over hills and through the trees
Beyond the fence and past the fields
To find a place worth finally resting

So, strip my clothes and take my things
cause all I need are just six strings
& My woman, I've got peace of mind
And precious, precious time

As crickets sing the day to bed
With sunset songs, sky fire red
A melodies dancing through my head
Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom