Friday, June 6, 2014

Tell Me, Help Me, Sing

I recently wrote two songs in one day... & it wasn't even a day, more a like a few hours... & anyone whom has dealt in the realm of creativity, you know how precious and frantic that time can be. However, there is no place I would rather be... This Is My Happy Place!

This is one of those two songs... Recorded in my brother's living room... he listened once... & then on the second try we recorded it.


Listen here

Tell Me, Help Me, Sing

Gentle Breeze, find my window…
Tell me the things tomorrow will bring,
Tell me a story, of love, I can sing
Tell me… tell me…

Father, Father, help me…
Make me the man you want me to be,
Give me a reason, a reason to sing
Help Me… Help Me…

Mother, mother blessed me…
Gave me her love, of a warm summers breeze,
Gave me a reason, a reason to sing

Sing… Sing...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Late Night Ramblings

where to begin...
...late night weary traveler,
the sands shift is subtle but swift
& your moonwalk dancing can't avoid the clouds
but your nosedive tendencies will surely find the ground
there's a hat facing not quite forward
& a pair of jeans big enough to make two pair in front of you
A Man with a mustache is licking his leftovers with intense eyes and sweat on his brow
Outside, there's a snowstorm.
& the softest whitest sweater, sits, sipping a martini by the window
Like a dream I've been waiting for...
...a moment to be realized...
when you wake at night, & realize...
then the moments gone & you realize... that Nothing Lasts.
It's Endless!?
shifting, tumbling, ticking... tock, tick-tock...
I wait & Wait & WAIT for what?
& for what I wait is worth it's weight...
& for what I wait is wait enough...

Monday, April 7, 2014


30 years now… where’d they go…
30 years… I don’t know…
I sit & I wonder sometimes, where they’ve gone…

Yes… I know that’s not how the song goes.  Though at 31, I am starting to realize what Mr. Seger was talking about in that classic song…  Where did the time go?  & Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to relive those glory days.

I guess I’ve always been fascinated by time.  Consequently, time has become something I often incorporate into my writing…

“Time” by SIXSIDEDSOUNDS is a concept song I started writing about five years ago…  The song is third-person narrative, where time itself is observed as a woman.  In addition, the song intentionally blurs the lines between, the words, phrases & images that represent time and those that paint a portrait of the female form.  Beyond the songs background, “Time” even has 2 different versions, which are played in two different time signatures.   Check out the links to both versions below…


Her hands move slowly,
her movements are precise, & known

She’s orchestrating,
conducts the pace, controls the race
But you know that she can’t be predicted
...Always about to come to pass

... she is such an evil mistress...
... such a precious gift...
... her innocence is her existence...
... will prove fatal in the end...

Sit arms crossed waiting,
for her finally to reveal herself

like dawn appearing,
to shed light on the dark of night

& you know that she can’t be predicted
...Always about to come to pass

... she is such an evil mistress...
... such a precious gift...
... her innocence is her existence...

... will prove fatal in the end...


“Time” (lounge version) – SIXSIDEDSOUNDS

The following, are further lyrical selections from SIXSIDEDSOUNDS, which perceive ‘Time’:

“What do I know at 25?
In this brief existence sheltered life
I’ve seen some things, I've failed, I've tried
Given everything & nothing

It's a long and winding road I see
Crawling over hills and through the trees
Beyond the fence and past the fields
To find a place worth finally resting

So strip my clothes and take my things
Because all I need are just six strings
& My woman, I've got peace of mind
And precious, precious time

As crickets sing the day to bed
With sunset songs, sky fire red
A melodies dancing through my head
Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom”
- SIXSIDEDSOUNDS  “Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom”

“All I can find
in a bottle of wine
is a Conditional Forever
…it’s a matter of time…”
- SIXSIDEDSOUNDS  “Perpetually Drifting” 

“I guess that’s how the story goes…
You sing the songs that no one knows,
You live your life and you write a line,
But you can’t stop or change the time.”
- SIXSIDEDSOUNDS  “When the fog rolls in…” 

& So, in the interest of maturity… it’s about that Time…  Time to say good-night… …until next Time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aimless Atom


For me personally, songs can come from a number of different places.  Lyrics can begin as stories or poetry first and later molded into songs, or sometimes, it all comes out at once, in a sort of creative frenzy that I both welcome and cherish.  Other times, I may have a guitar riff or chord progression for months, even years... seemingly waiting, for the lyrics to be presented to me when the time is right.  However, this song, "Aimless Atom" came to me as an idea to write a song about a lost soul, drifting through life aimlessly, while playing on the fact that we are all made of atoms, aimlessly drifting through time & space. Ultimately, the song is about life, love, loss and the perspective of coming full circle.

Listen Here

"Aimless Atom" 
Music & Lyrics by: Scott Gibson Paul 

Aimless Atom all alone 

No one to call, nowhere is home 
 Can you feel the energy?
 Of the electro-magnetic field surrounding me 
 Give & Take I was born to die 
To come back again, as a Big Blue Sky 
Cause nothing lasts in the end 
The proven theory of Allison 
 There’s always Change, Joy & Pain 
Love & Lust, Crying Shame 

 Your smile tried, But, I can’t be swayed 

I’m just a broken man, up on a stage 
Looking out Across the Room 
Looking for some Beauty & Truth 
Open up the window to your soul 
I’m climbing in, out of the cold 
 Wrap me up in all your love 
Make me believe, in things I don’t 
 Sing stories Grand, Ideal, Untrue 
Just let me lay Right Here next to you 

As Mr. Blue, Sings songs to Mrs. Green 
Go Anywhere Be Anything 
 But, don’t expect A bump-less road 
Time will give you Callous bones
 The Best of you The worst of me 
The Prophetic words Wait & See 
As Electons swirl The Perfect Sphere 
Bringing light to eyes & Music to My Ears

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Beginning

A canvas sits before me white...
the colors
...from dreams last night

my fingers feeling heavy
like newborn limbs unsteady

The words are
round & round
my thoughts bipolar
& down

I'm laughing, crying, screaming
...just want to go numb this evening

So, I crack my book
& grab my pen
think about the now & then...

...see it clearly
the choice is mine
to live