Sunday, August 9, 2015

Live Right

Like a Waves Unrest
Like her Black Silk Dress
Like an Old Silent Movie
Like Living at its Best

I've got a New Leaf Turning
I've got a Bright Sunrise
I get an Overwhelming Feeling
When I Look in Her Eyes


I've Got to Live it Right (x4)

I was Running from the Feeling
Chasing Neon through the Night
Painting Mirrors on the Ceiling
But, I Never got it right

There's an answer to the riddle...
just hold the light up to it right
Life is in the moment
Live the moment, live it right

I've Got to Live it Right (x4)

I find myself thinking
where do we go from here?
in all this lost indecision
...well, I guess I'll stay right here
but, my mind keeps running
always finding something new to fear
feeling sorry for myself
reaching for another beer
saying, why god why?
staring blankly at the wall
drinking whiskey in the morning
waiting for my curtain call
I don't know why I fight...
to turn around this life
but, I know where truth lies
I've Got to Live it Right

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


To lose in love, is to, simply, not
Throw your hat in the ring, give love a shot
For if you run the race, you've surely won
Live your life as if it's your only one

If it's pure & true, it's love you've got
If you feel unsure, it's probably not
In love, your heart will smile & sing
And it's free, of course... don't cost a thing

But, love can crush you, leave you angry & cold,
Lonely & tired, bitter & old
For the weight of the world, is nothing at all
Compared to the heart, that lost love recalls

However, in life, we're gifted with choice
And if you choose love, in life you'll rejoice

Monday, June 29, 2015

Wild Untamed

when hearts run free
wild, untamed
the lives they live...
go forgotten, unnamed

there is no scorecard
no lifetime award
just a memory that's fading
and an ocean of love

a heartbeat
a moment
a deep breath
a look
it's more than can be captured
in the lines of a book

who am i to judge?
how dare i hold on?
besides, you dance in my memory
& live in my song

you smelled just like spring time
& felt like the rain
sounded like laughter
looked like a monet

& not.
i love you
i hate you
how could you...
why not?

i'm sure this is better
this twist in the plot
when i know that you never
stay in one spot

for your heart needs
the wind
the sun
& the rain
you're unbound & restless

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Love & Rock'n'Roll"

Long ago...
I still believed in Love & Rock'n'Roll
singing, "Love, Love, Music's gonna save my soul..."

The trust was lost...
Turned on the radio
But, it's all just lies
A sugar-coated promise, wearin' truth in disguise

And Now,
the Time has come...
for me to live my dreams
but, I can't wake-up
Drinking in devotion from a paper cup

I don't believe in love (2x)
I don't believe... (2x)
In Love

It all went wrong
But, there's a memory
that I just can't shake
It's of you, it's of me & it's a brighter day

When she...
She gave me love,
In the season of my wildest dreams
There's beauty in the rhythm of the falling leaves

In Words
and Harmony
I still believe in Love & Rock'n'Roll
Singing, "Love, Love, Music's gonna Save My Soul"

I still believe in love (2x)
I still believe... (2x)
In Love & Rock'n'Roll

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Do you still remember me?
Do you see me in your dreams?

Close your eyes & drift away...
Does yesterday seem far away?

Those days are gone, the time has passed
Naive, I thought that they would last

But, I still have Dreams...
I still see you every night in my Dreams

You said, "Good-bye" said, "'s the end"
I said good-bye to my best friend

I taste the salt, I taste the tears
The bitter taste of all the years

Those days are gone, the time has passed
Naive, I thought that they would last

But, I still have Dreams...
I still see you every night in my Dreams

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Celebrate The Sun

Hello World
Good-bye girl

She had to move along…
…I had to sing my song…

And, I hope you dance
I’m gonna two-step too

Come On & CLAP YOUR HANDS Altogether

Clap your hands
Clap your hands
Grab your friends & clap your hands
Grab your friends lets sing & dance
Clap your hands
Grab your friends lets sing & dance
Grab your friends & clap your hands
Clap your hands

I hear the river run
I feel the breeze blow by

Stand beneath the trees
& stair up at the sky

It always feels like home,
…where I got room to roam

Moonshine A little LIGHT upon your Mother
& Celebrate the Sun


I’ve been waitin’ long
I hope it’s comin soon

I’m gonna fill my heart with love
I’m gonna write that tune

And, when it’s said & done
…I’m not the only one…

Celebrate the Sun!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


She whispers, “…come hither…”
& it’s useless to resist
cause she owns the night, & you are the darkness
your every whisper, her charm

And just for the moment,
It’s a dream I’ve been waiting for
But, it’s never enough & I’m losing control…
It’s never enough, give me more, More, MORE!!!!!

If I could I would leave
But, her hook’s in too deep
I can’t walk away
She knows I’m her slave

She tortures me so
I can’t let her go
Blood red all the time
I’m losing my mind 

RED Red reD Red
She is dressed in red
Her lips like sugar
Eyes like death

She takes her time
Puts life in all the lines
…this lady of mine
She’s patient like a scratch at the door
Always wanting more, More, MORE!!!