Sunday, April 12, 2015


Do you still remember me?
Do you see me in your dreams?

Close your eyes & drift away...
Does yesterday seem far away?

Those days are gone, the time has passed
Naive, I thought that they would last

But, I still have Dreams...
I still see you every night in my Dreams

You said, "Good-bye" said, "'s the end"
I said good-bye to my best friend

I taste the salt, I taste the tears
The bitter taste of all the years

Those days are gone, the time has passed
Naive, I thought that they would last

But, I still have Dreams...
I still see you every night in my Dreams

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Celebrate The Sun

Hello World
Good-bye girl

She had to move along…
…I had to sing my song…

And, I hope you dance
I’m gonna two-step too

Come On & CLAP YOUR HANDS Altogether

Clap your hands
Clap your hands
Grab your friends & clap your hands
Grab your friends lets sing & dance
Clap your hands
Grab your friends lets sing & dance
Grab your friends & clap your hands
Clap your hands

I hear the river run
I feel the breeze blow by

Stand beneath the trees
& stair up at the sky

It always feels like home,
…where I got room to roam

Moonshine A little LIGHT upon your Mother
& Celebrate the Sun


I’ve been waitin’ long
I hope it’s comin soon

I’m gonna fill my heart with love
I’m gonna write that tune

And, when it’s said & done
…I’m not the only one…

Celebrate the Sun!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


She whispers, “…come hither…”
& it’s useless to resist
cause she owns the night, & you are the darkness
your every whisper, her charm

And just for the moment,
It’s a dream I’ve been waiting for
But, it’s never enough & I’m losing control…
It’s never enough, give me more, More, MORE!!!!!

If I could I would leave
But, her hook’s in too deep
I can’t walk away
She knows I’m her slave

She tortures me so
I can’t let her go
Blood red all the time
I’m losing my mind 

RED Red reD Red
She is dressed in red
Her lips like sugar
Eyes like death

She takes her time
Puts life in all the lines
…this lady of mine
She’s patient like a scratch at the door
Always wanting more, More, MORE!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SIXSIDEDSOUNDS presented by RAW:Sacramento

A BIG THANKS to RAWartist Media
Videographer: Ryan Harbert.


Friday, December 12, 2014

When the Fog Rolls In...

Where will you be when I’m 53?
Will you write a letter or die of disease?
It’s these thoughts that swim through my mind,
Of all these people & places & space & time

Open floodgates of love to bright, blue, springs,
Then a season of sorrow ruined everything…
Where were you when winter froze?
Did you bury your head under a mountain of snow?
Or sit by the fire, warm, but all alone?
When the fog comes rolling in…
When the fog comes rolling in…

I guess that’s how the story goes…
You sing the songs that no one knows,
You live your life and you write a line,
But you can’t stop or change the time.
So you just sit back and let the fog roll in
… you need it every now and then…
… to sit back, slow & let the "Neil" sink in…

And where did all the time go…
All the time that just seems to move so slow…
… I guess I lost track of time…

Are the answers revealed in my dreams?
All coded in pictures and hidden meanings,
Or will I wake to find, its all been lost in sleep,
Or is that just the plot of my favorite movie?

And the moon sits behind a broken, grey, sky
But all that I can see are beautiful brown eyes.
I feel the warmth of your smile on a cypress breeze
& I’m lost in thought as I move through the streets,
When the fog comes rolling in…
When the fog comes rolling in…

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

There's a sun drenched scene 
passing through my window
And, for one perfect hour...
you paint the hills golden 
with your soft dimming light

I watch you from a distance you slowly slip away...
disappear beyond the horizon, 
to light some other mountain

your light was a gift unto my world
i just wish you could have stayed a little longer
given me just another hour

I should have been more present

...instead of focusing to capture you
 in the frame of my picture,
I should have held you in my memory,
convinced you to stay,
to dance,
in the pale yellow haze, 
of your effervescent beauty

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A Frightful tale of a writers addiction...


A bedside lamp blankets my room with a candle-lit feel
the shadows seem as if they’re a moment away from taking over

sleep takes a backseat to the thoughts in the foreground of my mind

its this portrait
every brushstroke is another part of me
EXPOSED for all to see

& in a DESPERATE attempt to salvage what is left...
I slowly cap my pen

...DISCONTENT with lukewarm expressions,

empty pages demand my SURRENDER to them
careful and thorough
they tempt all that lies within

EVIL EMPTY PAGES lure in words with their pearl white grin
but i can't give all the credit to them
i need them
like an eighth DEADLY sin
like heroine

EMPTY pages just seem to whisper... give in... give in...

CURSED as tragically gifted everyday-man
in a battle i can't win
So, tonight i sin again
i give in to my master with a pen...

I spill confessions of REGRET 
as if i'm on a mission
to board a life bound for SADNESS 
all based on a regretful premonition